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5.5 15-June-2012
- modified file xdg associations to use mimeapps.list.
- modified tab right-click to activate selected tab.
- modified thumbs, uniform size/aspect
- modified 'Refresh' to update mimetype if changed.
- modified xdg configuration to ensure '~/.local/share/applications/' exists.
- fixed bug not allowing a cut/move on same device with limited space.
- fixed bug not using custom action override on double-click.
- fixed bug with moving across filesystems.
- fixed bug with multiple custom actions of same type not appearing.

5.4    7-March-2012
- added 'tabsOnTop' option.
- added new detection for automounts.
- added ability to set shortcuts for bookmarks.
- added option to use mimetype instead of suffix in detail mode and custom actions.
- modified 'Filetype' for file specific custom actions, now treated like a wildcard.
- modified thumbs to show in all views.
- modified text colours to follow system theme.
- modified status/hover info updating.
- fixed bug in filesystem model not updating in some cases.
- fixed bug not showing hidden items in '/' root.
- fixed bug trying to open a tab on a file.
- fixed bug opening folder from command line (Qt4.8).

5.3    14-December-2011
- added new address bar navigation and drop-down auto-completion.
- added 'New tab' to tree context menu.
- added 'Close' context menu to tabs.
- added Chinese translation (zh).
- fixed 'single-click' navigation mode.
- fixed sorting for size & date columns in detail view.
- fixed bug in available space detection when pasting to removable drives.

5.2    28-November-2011
- complete rewrite of FS model, no longer using QFileSystemModel.
- fixed many small issues that were associated with QFileSystemModel.
- added translations de/it/ru/sr. Now stored in /usr/share/qtfm.
- modified properties so you can change permissions for multiple files/folders at once.

5.1    15-October-2011
- added 'per tab' view selection.
- added 'per tab' history-back functionality.
- added check for free space before copy/move.
- added input variables to custom actions.
- added 'forceTheme' fallback to settings.
- modified thumb loading, loads in realtime, more responsive.
- modified theme detection and icon cache, including gtk-3.0 support.
- fixed issue with auto bookmarks for mount points with a space in the name.

5.0    16-June-2011
- added tabs
- modified $Parent custom action type to include everything below this folder, files and folders.
- modified address bar to not reset text while editing.
- modified keyboard search delay.
- fixed difference in folder sorting between tree and list views.
- fixed issue with icon size in 'Edit filetype' dropdown.
- fixed issue with startup path sent from Firefox.
- fixed issue with custom submenus not appearing on tree folders.

4.9    8-April-2011
- added daemon mode.
- added custom action grouping in submenus. See README.
- added ability to show/suppress stdout and stderr notifications for custom actions.
- added zoom in/out to change icon size for each view independently.
- added current folder to window title.
- added 'Focus address' action to shortcuts for keyboard navigation.
- added 'Enter folder' action to shortcuts for keyboard navigation.

4.8    9-March-2011
- added customizable folder icons. Set any folder to a custom icon through the properties dialog.
- modified progress dialog to shorten very long path names.
- modified progress dialog to show minutes and seconds time remaining.
- fixed issue with file specific custom actions not showing immediately after pasting.

4.7    5-March-2011
- added 'Open' text option to custom actions to override default xdg handling.
- added properties option to all files.
- added new properties dialog including permission editing.
- modified hover and selection status bar information.
- fixed bug not allowing two custom actions with the same text.
- fixed bug in zoom +/- default shortcuts.

4.6    21-February-2011
- added zooming for icon view.
- added new folder properties dialog.
- added transfer rate and remaining time info to progress dialog. [thanks karabaja4]
- modified thumb cache, now emptied automatically on theme change.
- fixed bug in folder properties sometimes not showing correct selection from tree. [thanks karabaja4]

4.5    5-February-2011
- added bookmark separators
- added filepaths to selection buffer on copy operations.
- modified bookmarks selection/deselection.
- fixed font colour issue in dark themes, now uses theme settings.
- fixed bug when trying to delete broken symlinks.
- fixed bug with xdg-mime failing on files with spaces.

4.4    29-January-2011
- added gui icon chooser for bookmarks and custom actions.
- modified 'File open' to handle multiple selection.
- modified 'Edit filetype' to handle differences in Gnome/KDE settings.
- fixed issues with icon and theme integration in KDE environment.
- fixed 'div 0' bug in progress bar calculation.

4.3    13-January-2011
- added two new '$folder' types to custom actions.  Allows custom actions on specific folders. See README.
- added option to enable confirmation on all delete operations.
- modified 'merge/replace' dialog for folders, more intuitive.

4.2    10-January-2011
- modified custom actions dialog to highlight/scroll to newly added item.
- modified folder properties, now threaded operation.
- added 'merge' conformation for copy/paste on existing folders.
- fixed bug when deleting nested hidden folders.

4.1    4-January-2011
- modified folder copy/paste, will now merge contents with existing folder.
- modified copy/paste/replace dialog, will now ask for conformation for each existing file.
- fixed bug with 'back' command after deleting a folder.

4.0 25-December-2010
- modified custom actions, will now report output and error notifications back to qtFM.
- fixed file size updating after custom actions

3.9 24-December-2010
- modified address bar auto-completion, more like tab completion in terminal.
- modified progress dialog for single file operations, now actual bytes not busy mode.
- fixed issue with refresh not updating sort order.
- fixed issue with updating size after cut/copy operations.
- fixed issue with dates in detail view.

3.8 20-December-2010
- modified thumb cache, reduced load time.
- modified 'back' to scroll to last item if in parent folder.
- fixed issue with bookmarks/address bar when accessing hidden folders.
- fixed bug with custom actions after cancelling changes.

3.7 13-December-2010
- added customizable key-bindings.

3.6 10-December-2010
- added full drag/drop functionality to bookmarks list.
- modified drag/drop, now threaded operation.
- fixed issue with progress estimation for large files, now 64bit.

3.5 7-December-2010
- fixed drag/drop and cut/paste replace yes/no behavior, more consistent.
- fixed cut colour notification for tree.
- fixed visible reordering when switching folder in detail view.
- fixed copy progress dialog busy mode for single large operation.
- fixed copy progress dialog, will only show for lengthy operations.
- fixed paste available notification when starting a new instance.
- fixed bug with cut/copy folders across different filesystems.

3.4 5-December-2010
- added option to replace existing files on cut/copy/paste.
- added colour effect to items to indicate a cut in progress.
- modified cut action to work across multiple instances.
- modified startup, should be faster with no reordering of items.

3.3 2-December-2010
- added 'backspace' shortcut.
- added a F5 'Refresh' shortcut to update file list after certain operations.
- modified Icon/List/Detail switching behaviour.
- modified copy progress estimation, now based on size, more accurate.
- fixed bug in copy progress dialog which would sometimes continue progress after canceling.
- fixed bug with Drag/Drop not working if target aready exists.

3.2 30-November-2010
- terminal icon now taken from current theme.
- modified auto bookmarks and detection of mounted drives.
- fixed bug where deleting a symlink would also delete target.
- fixed crash when right-clicking on empty bookmarks window.

3.1 21-September-2010
- added 'group' to detail view.
- added 'F3 home', 'F4 Terminal'  shorcuts.
- added 'svg,gif' thumbnail support.
- modified delete, more efficient when trying to remove files with no permission.

3.0 2-September-2010
- added persistent thumbnail cache.
- added 'Wrapping' option to bookmarks context menu.
- modified minimumHeight restriction for bookmarks.
- fixed bug in rename when bookmark selected.

2.9 31-August-2010
- added 'hover' information to status area.
- modified status bar information for selected items.
- modified naming scheme when pasting existing files.

2.8 28-August-2010
- modified bookmarks dock, does not resize with window if it doesn't have too.
- modified copy progress dialog, does not show for very short operations.
- fixed bug when trying to paste if a file is currently selected. 

2.7 27-August-2010
- added Ctrl-Q quit shortcut.
- added 'shift' selection to singleClick navigation mode.
- fixed singleClick=2 navigation in detail view.
- fixed paste bug when trying to paste in folder without write permssions.

2.6 19-August-2010
- modified startup, faster loading of tree and detail data.
- modified cut/copy menu items, no longer toggles indication.
- fixed text alignment of size column in detail view.

2.5 16-August-2010
- added 'Type' column back in detail view.
- modified copy progress dialog, better display when copying multiple folders.
- modifed naming convention when pasting hidden files.
- fixed new file/folder icons.
- fixed bug with Drag/Drop after swapping between list/icon modes.
- fixed bug in copy/paste and delete if all items selected with 'Ctrl-a'.

2.4 9-August-2010
- added owner/permissions to detail view.
- modified single-click navigation -> no action on Ctrl-click.

2.3 7-August-2010
- added single-click navigation options.
- added file information to status bar, removed tooltips.
- modified autobookmarks and mounting/unmounting detection in /media.
- modified thumb alignment to account for different aspect ratio pics.
- modified toolbars, seperate navigation and address bars.

2.2 2-August-2010
- added dynamic updating of autobookmarks for removable drives in /media.
- added 'YesToAll' button when deleting multiple folders.
- added tooltips for truncated items.
- modified tree to always scroll to starting folder.
- modified bookmark activation, no longer triggered by context menu.
- modified context menus.
- fixed bugs with copy/paste, particluarly in Detail view.

2.1 26-July-2010
- added keyboard activation of bookmarks.
- added new '%F' variable for custom actions to return files/folders with full path.
- modified copy/paste naming for existing files to preserve suffix.
- modified 'folder' custom actions, now appear in tree, bookmarks, list and whitespace context menus.
- removed 'Terminal' action from tree and whitespace menu, implement with custom action.
- fixed bug with custom actions not working properly with files containing spaces in the name.
- fixed bug with copy/paste between different instances.

2.0 18-July-2010
- added 'folder' filetype for directory specific custom actions.
- added layout context menu to status area.
- fixed behaviour when switching to icon view from detail view.
- fixed bug with custom actions not working from detail view.
- fixed icon scaling problem with some themes.

1.9 18-July-2010
- added a copy file progress dialog.
- added a 'view' context menu to the toolbars. Needed if you hide the menu for instance.
- added a 'layout lock' mode which removes the dock titles and toolbar handles.
- changed the menu to a toolbar, can be moved, hidden etc.

1.8 15-July-2010
- added basic folder properties dialog.
- added custom bookmark icons.
- added ability to manually reorder bookmark list.
- added ability to edit bookmark names.
- added option to show/hide toolbars.
- modified Tree and Bookmarks view, now independent floating/movable/dockable panels.
- many smaller tweaks, changed a few default icons etc.

1.7 8-July-2010
- added 'Show thumbnails' option.
- modified thumb loading, should be faster.
- modified custom actions to allow multiple filetypes per action. eg "jpg,jpeg,png"

1.6 7-July-2010
- added 'custom actions' system for user defined actions and menu items.
- added thumbnails of jpg/png etc in icon view.
- added 'icon view' mode.
- added cache for theme and mime icons, faster loading.
- fixed bug causing freeze/crash if copy/paste failed.

1.5 1-July-2010
- added 'ctrl-h' shortcut for hidden mode.
- hidden mode now remembered.
- modified terminal run function to accept command line parameters.
- modified copy/paste, now executed in different thread to prevent gui from feezing up on large copies.
- fixed freeze bug when trying to add a new file/folder to a read only folder.

1.4 24-June-2010
- double-click defaults to 'Open'.  Right-click 'Run' to explicitly run an executable.
- added option to 'Run' or 'Open' executable files. Used for opening scripts etc in text mode to edit.
- added 'Rename' to menu.
- modified 'cut/paste' behaviour to move instead of copy->delete.
- fixed bug when deleting in detailed mode.

1.3 3-June-2010
- added text colours indicating executable, symlink etc.
- added size indication to statusbar when selecting files.
- detail view header now remembers column widths.
- changed DragDrop action to 'move'.
- fixed bug in Qt DragDrop system not working on folders.
- fixed bug in Qt 'QFileSystemModel::remove' function when trying to delete hidden files.
- fixed issue when trying to delete symbolic links.
- fixed issue if non-existant path is entered into the path editbox.

1.2 1-Jun-2010
- added mime filetype icons from current theme.
- added fix to detect current icon theme for non-DE systems
- added ability to change the mime default application for filetypes.
- added user setting for default terminal.
- added auto bookmarks for current mounts in /mnt and /media.
- lots of small fixes, like copy/paste behaviour on existing files, keyboard navigation etc.

1.1 24-May-2010
- fixed opening external files that contain spaces in the name. (also xdg-open bug)
- added option to set starting directory with command line argument.

1.0 23-May-2010
- initial release.